4800 BC. Cairn of Barnenez (Brittany), explorations of the British Isles
3200 BC. Petroglyphs of Loughcrew (Ireland), the discovery of the islands in the Atlantic
3200 BC. Rings of Brodgar, Steness, and Bookan (Orkneys), the discoveries of Greenland
3000 BC. Paintings of Porcelano Cave (Mexico), the discovery of Guadalupe Island
2950 BC. Passage Grave of Karleby (Sweden), islands discovered in the ocean
2500 BC. Fourknocks Passage Grave (Ireland), the “Beaker People”
2400 BC. Boscawen-un Punt Circle (Cornwall), discovery of the backside of Earth
2345 BC. Comet Graves and Comet Petroglyphs (Brittany), a cosmic disaster recorded
2300 BC. Buriz Petroglyph (Spain), the northern explorations
2200 BC. Los Millares (Spain), a date for the arrival of michigan copper in Europe
2200 BC. Ocean Pendants (Iberia), honors for sailors to Paradise
2100 BC. Michigan Copper in the Mediterranean
2000 BC. Petroglyph of Serrazes (portugal), a chart of the Southern Crossing
2000 BC. Rows and Petropots (Iberia). megalithic culture
2000 BC. Stonehenge petroglyph (England), sailing route to America
2000 BC. Rows of Kermario (Brittany), The Royal Crossing of the Ocean
1900 BC. Rows of Kerlescan (Brittany), The Royal Crossing of the Ocean
1900 BC Rows of Leure (Brittany), ocean sailing routes
1800 BC. Rows of Menec (Brittany), The Royal Crossing of the Ocean
1600 BC. Monument of Lagatjar (Brittany), crossing the Labrador Sea
1600 BC. Disc of Nebra (Germany), sailing routes of the Bronze Age
1600 BC. Rows of Tormsdale (Scotland), a voyage to Central America
1600 BC. Rows of Tormsdale (Scotland), a return route across the Ocean
1500 BC. Poverty Point (Louisiana), manufacturing of Copper Oxhides
1200 BC. Comet Figurines (Mexico), catastrophic end of the Bronze Age
500 BC. Monument of Ales Stenar (Sweden), a sunship to the Realm of the Dead

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