Table of Contents

Introduction & Timeline

Chapter 1. The Discovery of the Cape Verde Islands
The Decipherment of Encoded Site Design
(The Tumulus of Kercado, Brittany, c.4500 BC)

Chapter 2. The Discovery of Madeira and Rockall
(The Tablet of Paredes, Galicia, Spain, c.4100 BC)

Chapter 3. The Discovery of the Azores
(The Tumulus of Gavrinis, Brittany, c.3600 BC)

Chapter 4. The Discovery of the Faeroes, Iceland, and Greenland
The Decipherment of Megalithic Picture Writing
(Petroglyphs of Cairn T, Loughcrew, Meath, Ireland, c.3200 BC)

Chapter 5. The Discovery of America via the Bering Sea
The Decipherment of Encoded Jacob’s Staffs
(The petroglyphs of Dissignac, Brittany, c.2600 BC)

Chapter 6. Stonehenge: a Monument for the Discovery of America
(Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, England, c.3200 BC and c.2000 BC)

Chapter 7. The Oldest Chart of the Atlantic Ocean
(The Petroglyphs of Kercado, Brittany, c.2200 BC)

Chapter 8. The Southern Crossing
The Sailing Route from Portugal to Central America
(Petroglyph of Chao Redondo, Portugal, c.2200 BC)

Chapter 9. The Sailing Route of the Upper North, Using a Compass
(Petroglyph of Chao Redondo, Portugal, c.2200 BC)

Chapter 10. A Nautical Center for Crossing the Ocean
The Decipherment of Angular Encoding
(America’s Stonehenge, North Salem, New Hampshire, c.2200 BC)

Chapter 11. The Discovery of Bermuda
The Decipherment of American Megalithic Petroglyphs
(The Devil’s Head Petroglyphs, Harmony, Maine, c.2200 BC)

Chapter 12. The Three Rivers Petroglyph
A Guidepost for River Travel in America
(Frost Valley, Neversink River, New York, c.1500 BC)

Chapter 13. The Embden Dragon Petroglyph
A Copper Trading Route of the Bronze Age
(Kennebec River, Embden, Maine, c.1500 BC)

Chapter 14. The Orient Tablet
An Egyptian Expedition to America
(Eagle Neck, Orient, Long Island, NY, c.850 BC)